Today I’ll be a Sunflower


Sunflower Symbolism

Gifts of radiant warmth, sunflowers are the happiest of flowers, and they symbolize loyalty and longevity.

Much of the meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the sun itself. Wild sunflowers are often photographed with their tall stalks and bright petals stretched towards the sun. This unique behavior, known as phototropism, is a motif that has appeared in many ancient myths and is viewed as a symbol of loyalty and constancy. Their physical resemblance to the sun has also influenced their meanings. The sunflower’s petals have been likened to bright yellow rays of sunshine, which evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. In addition, the sunflower is often associated with adoration and longevity.

Source: ProFlowers


This week, I need to be a sunflower with my petals open to the sun and Kansas wind at my back.

I planted a dozen seeds, tossed them without care into pots and empty plots. I have yet to see a standard yellow one, but am completely enthralled by this crimson-blood beauty who greets me every morning.

Her dark petals wanted to hide from the lens, but I finally found sunlit ways to capture her face.



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  1. She’s Beautiful, I love sunflowers.

    • Thank you, Diana!
      And thank you so much for your kind words from last night. You are a dear to worry about me sometimes and I totally understand when I haven’t heard much from a regular blogger. All is good here..just super busy now that I’m back to work. I hope to make it back over on WP later today…people like you make my life so much more peaceful and that’s always welcome on a Monday!!

  2. A crimson sunflower, wow! I’ve never seen one before!

    • Hey pretty girl! I’ve been thinking about you 🙂
      Hoping to get over to your side of the world very soon and get caught up on your honeymoon adventures!
      And this is the first crimson one I’ve seen, too. I’m going to save the seeds so I have more next year. The photos come nowhere close to showing off her pretty petals.

      • She really is beautiful!

        And you know what, she reminds me of a plant tycoon game I used to play as a kid, mixing up the plant gene pool to create newer and prettier plants! 🙂

  3. Beauuuuuutiful, Michelle! I have never seen a red one before. I think it should have a name all of its own: the sunset flower. 🙂

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