Walking with Zombies

iPhone import 517


Anyone who follows this page might think that I dropped my camera off the side of a cliff and disappeared somewhere with it. It’s not that I’m not taking pictures–I’m just not publishing them right now. In fact, I’ve taken almost 1500 photos in the last 4-5 months alone and I’m hoarding them until Winter comes.

Like Twinkies for the apocalypse.

With that in mind, I’m keying off of my friends Jennie and Christy and posting a few just in time for the return of Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Take a peek at the pictures below and then head over to Words for the Weekend: The Whole World is Haunted Now, Vol. 39 to read the talented words of Cayman Thorn, Mary Pierce, Jennie/CK Hope and Christy/Christina’s Words. They were kind enough to let me into their safe compound and hang out for a bit, too.

Be sure to save some time (and Twinkies) to read Christy’s solo piece Tell Them at RoS.

I tried to close the comments here, but I’m too technically challenged to do so! Please head over to Words–the real zombies await you there.


iPhone import 618

iPhone import 616




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  1. Hauntingly beautiful photos. I think the asylum pic is one of my all time favorites. Though the graffiti shot is close behind.
    You’ve got a good eye!

    • Thanks, babe!
      Admittedly, I have photo ADD. I’m always looking for dark, creepy photo ops…until something beautiful pops out and then, I’m all “Oh look. A flower! I love flowers!”
      We (the kiddos and I) watched WD last night and I was most thrilled when Dane said, “Mom! Your picture looks like Terminus!”
      I was cool, for like 20 seconds 🙂

  2. Are you kidding me? These pictures are frickin’ amazing. Seriously. These are the kinds of shots I would kill to have and you just snap away effortlessly…lol. You certainly do have a good eye…in fact, a fantastic eye. Keep it up…love them.

    • Ah, thanks!
      I spent the weekend in photography mode taking pictures of my little nieces. It’s a simple joy and even the darker stuff is rewarding. My husband has gotten used to me dragging my camera everywhere…though, most of what I capture on the fly still sits on my phone!

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