For Diana

Every once in a while someone comes into the little corner of your world and leaves a lifetime impression. Maybe it’s someone who becomes your forever friend or a person you know for five short minutes. Whatever the circumstance, you never forget them.


Today’s post is a short feature about a sincere and honest woman who does that for me.  Diana at trying to make things right has created such a warm and cozy space in these WP walls. Which each post, her voice becomes clearer as she blossoms like her favorite flower. She’s made an impact on me in ways she could have never imagined and I’m forever grateful.

Below is an excerpt from a poem–one of her first. Be sure to finish it by clicking on the link and leaving some love on her site. She is one special mom.



An Addicts plea

I am so sorry for the things i have done, if i could go back not only
would i go i would run.
But retain my memories i would, so i remember what not to do and what i should.
I wish i had always been the person that i am now, but i couldnt back then i didnt know how.

Read the rest here

Thank you, Diana for being such a positive and special influence. xo



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  1. ooo -Diana looks like a great writer and the poem snippet is nice – and looks like a rich and meaty heart one ❤ – I will check her blog later as I am in my reader right now and scrolling with limited time….

    – BTW- great photos in this post mamajoy – I love the lighting – really nice shots my friend….

    • Diana is a gem–it’s been a blessing to get to know her over the last few months….lots of layers and love 🙂
      Thanks for the comments on my pictures, Yvette. I discovered a hue tool in my photo shop program…I’ve been having lots of fun with it. That said, the red lilies are the original color…very vibrant that time of day!
      I’m so glad you stopped by my joyful friend! xo

  2. Thank you so much, you wonderful sweet woman, you have definitely left a lasting impression on me as well. Im honored to know you, and call you friend.

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