Proverbs 31:25


She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.



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  1. These are gorgeous. The second one looks almost ethereal!

    • Thank you! I love my dahlias. I’m planting even more this Spring because they produce almost supernatural photos with minimal editing.

      • You must have a special affinity to them.. perhaps because of their honourable meaning 🙂 :

        “The dahlia is symbolic of a higher sense of self worth, dignity, and self worth. It reminds us to hold our head high no matter what the circumstances and to always keep pride in our accomplishments.”

      • I didn’t know that! As I looked for photos to match the Proverb, I was drawn to the dahlias. I kept thinking, “it fits, but doesn’t fit.” What a gift to find out it truly does mean something in that context. Thank you so much–you made my day!!

      • Your soul knows… 🙂 And I am blessed to have made you smile!!

  2. Gorgeous–perfectly paired!

  3. I keep forgetting these are your own pics. Damn…that’s incredible work 🙂

    • Awww….thanks! I REALLY need a camera…then, maybe some true magic can happen. Right now, I’m confined to an iPhone 4, a semi-working DSLR and some fancy editing (except these dahlias…these ladies look good without any fancy dressing and didn’t require any editing).
      I’m like a vampire–rarely does anything happen midday when the light is atrocious!

  4. I’m choked up in tears… Perfect timing for it. Cus there are dark days coming… May Mama be true and create laughing in me…

    Beauty for Ashes

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